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General Information

Clan Name: The Crimson Horde

Clan Leaders: Khadaji, Giddorah, Perlesvaus, Gastro, Muzmuz.


Committee Structure:

Clan Improvements Committee
Social Involment Committee
Warfare and Tactics Committee

The Crimson Horde is organized into three committees as represented by the table above. Each committee will be led by a clan leader. In the absence of the clan/committee leader, that committee’s advisor will preside over the committee until the leader returns or a new leader is voted upon. Each committee will strive for a different aspect of strength. In some instances the committees will work together to combine their individual strengths towards the completion of a common goal. When ever the need arises, a committee head will call a meeting of his or her respective committee to discuss assessments, problems, interventions and evaluations of problems and tasks already assigned or completed. A meeting may also be called simply to take a vote on a situation affecting the clan. If a problem or scenario arises which does not fall under the auspice of one committee alone, the clan leaders will either deal with the situation or decide which committee(s) will be assigned the situation. Votes taken in committees requires a two thirds majority of the voting points to pass.

For more information on voting points please refer to the paragraph on elections and voting. Clan members are required to be in a committee. The entering clan member may take up to one month to decide which committee he or she will be part of. When a member has reached the rank of Gothi he or she has the option to join another committee. The applicant must meet the committee prerequisites and get approval of two clan leaders. The clan leaders will be the presiding heads of one committee each. They are responsible to insure that their committee is running efficiently and for the greater glory of the Horde. Each committee will be in charge of training the members to do their jobs and tasks well.


Improvement Committee:

The Improvements committee will be the fund raisers for the Horde. They will be responsible for the allocation and spending of such funds. They will be responsible for the origination of ideas and ways to spend the clan donations on. They will be in charge of clan upgrades, any changes in the tax rate, upgrading the clan hall and its non defense facilities, coming up with ideas for clan items, and choosing purchases for the clan. In short, this committee is in charge of all the new ideas, the debating of such ideas, and the implementing of such ideas. All ideas will be debated upon by the committee before a vote is taken. This committee is in charge of the names and descriptions of clan mobs, rooms, and clan items. The clan improvements committee works with the warfare and tactics committee on the layout of the clan hall but not the clan maze nor the clan guards or any other clan defense. This committee is in charge of the speedwalk and puzzles pages on the clan’s web site and will insure that they are updated as needed. The improvements committee are the brains and engineers of the Horde.


Social Committee:

This committee will be involved in recruiting, returning of allied clans equipment, making sure people within the clan have good attitudes towards one another, and punishments for breaking clan law. This committee will defend the integrity of the clan by sticking up for what the Crimson Horde stands for. This committee will be the defenders of the Horde against all enemies who would defame and slander us. Members of the social involvement committee will be required to be the voice of the Crimson Horde on the clan global clan channel and on the clan channel itself. They are required to think before they talk, remembering who they represent. This committee will consist of the cool and level headed members of the Horde. This committee will be in charge of keeping peace with our allies. This committee will oversee the ongoing work on assigned tasks and insuring their completion. The social involvement committee will offer assistance to all who are assigned such tasks as to expedite completion. The committee will be in charge of making sure clan members do the honorable thing in the Hordes eyes, such as reporting bugs, and reporting wrong doings to the clan leaders. The social committee will be in charge of keeping the member rosters updated on the clan’s web site. The social committee is the voice of the horde and the defenders of our faith.


Warfare Committee:

This warfare and tactics committee is charged with all organized raiding and to the task of making our defenses impregnable walls of adversity to our enemies. The committee will also be in charge of training clan members in the art of warfare, defending our clan hall, defending our allies clan halls, and to efficiently and systematically raid and destroy our enemies. This committee will also be in charge of making sure all clan members use their gained skills to the best of their abilities in the defense of the Horde and its allies. This committee is responsible for making sure the clan knows what equipment is best at any given level. The committee will be in charge of training its members in the concepts of war and planning strategies for raiding and defense. The committee is also in charge of the purchasing of clan guards, guard placement, guard flags, and quantity. The committee is in charge of development of the maze and maze testing to insure a superb defense. The warfare and tactics committee will also be in charge of keeping all of the equipment pages updated on the clan’s web site. The warfare and tactics committee is the heart of the Crimson Horde.



Each clan leader is required to be knowledgeable in the functions of their assigned committee. They are furthermore encouraged to be knowledgeable in the functions of the other two committees. Each committee head/clan leader will have two advisors assigned to each committee. A clan leader may step down at any time. The remaining clan leaders will then call for an election for a new clan leader. The clan leaders will have the final word in all clan web page developments along with the clan member who maintains the web page. A leader competency vote may be called for by members of the Crimson Horde. A leader who fails a competency vote by a 3/4 majority of the voting points must step down. Our leaders are our sense of direction.


Voting and Elections:

In the event that a leader election is necessary there will be a period of 7 days for members to nominate who they want as clan leader. The current leaders will then convene and interview the potential leaders and make the deciding vote. Our voting and election system is our sense of fairness.


Clan Alliances:

Alliances will be researched, made, and broken by clan leaders. The social involvement committee will be required to make sure that all clan members follow any and all terms of any alliances that the clan leaders make. Being allied with a clan will mean that the Crimson Horde will help the allied clan in its efforts to defend something or to attack something and that they in turn would do so for the Crimson Horde. Alliances will be in an agreement that would not allow either clan or either clan’s members to be in any sort of to be in any sort of conflict with each other. Attacking an allied clan member or raiding an allied clan will be punished up to slaying in the clan hall and outcasting. Our alliances are word.


Clan Taxes and Donations:

The tax is levied by such necessity as may be seen by the clan improvements committee. Donations are not a requirement for being a hordling. Donations should be a welcomed burden to any member of the Horde. Hordlings should revel in the chance to further benefit their clan through donations. Donations are smiled upon by leaders and all hordlings and should be acknowledged when made. If the cash flow is low, coming in slow, or if there are not enough donations then the tax rate will be increased. In other words, donations are smiled upon and not only help the clan funds, but help the feel and environment of the clan. Donations from characters outside of the clan will be accepted if presented. The Crimson Horde is not expected to thrive upon donations as members are be expected to fight mobs often and gain levels so they could fight mobs with more gold. Donations and Taxes are well from which we drink.


Rank Advancement:

Potential promotions will be reviewed by the clan leaders on the 15th of every month. The leaders will review how many tasks each member has completed since their last advancement, as well as how well they are doing on any current tasks. The leaders will talk with their advisors and review how well the members participate in their committees and take a mental note of how often they donate. The leaders may ask other clan members about the ones that the leaders are reviewing for promotions. If results are found exceptional, the members that are found exceptional will be promoted. However, being promoted from the rank of Serf to Berserker will be different from other promotions. After the Serf has gotten a feel for his/her clan and committee to the point where they know how things work and help to make them work they will be interviewed and promoted. Members’ ranks will be kept on their profile. The promotion from any rank to Aesir/Asynjur is dependent only on if they are appointed to the office or if they are voted in. Promotion is our pride.



Tasks will be assigned to certain members by their committee leader. For example, in the clan improvements committee the leader would assign certain members of the committee to come up with descriptions for the rooms in the clan hall. Any assignments made would be noted to the social involvement committee so they could keep up on their progress. Members may also volunteer to do tasks.



Rewards generally contribute to the greater possibility of rank advancement, but may also come in the form of gold or rare and valuable items or services.

Some things which smiled upon in the Crimson Horde.
1. Completion of tasks.
2. Winning of wars.
3. Presentation of good ideas to the clan or solutions for problems.
4. Killing of clan enemies or people.
5. Being active in clan discussions.
6. Winning global quests or completing a large number of normal quests.
7. Helping out clan members.
8. Large donations.



Punishments include but are not limited to being outcasted, demotions, or fines.

Things that are frowned upon
1. Attack on alliance or one of its members. This includes raiding.
2. Giving out confidential information.
3. Breaking of Aardwolf or clan rules.
4. Disturbing the peace of the clan with insults to ideas or people that offend.
5. Making fun of prospective members on clan channel.
6. Disobeying orders from a superior.
7. Failure to contribute to the clan.
8. Extended absence from the mud with no prior excuse.
9. Failure to report important events to the leaders.


Clan Homepage:

The clan home page keeps a records for each member in their member profile. The member profile will show such things as the individual wishes. The clan home page also has speed walks to areas which are available only to clan members, a clan status with other clans page, some general information on races, Aardequipment, clan oath, and some damage levels. We will have a members only section which provides information to Horde members which we the members have compiled through our own personal research. The Home Page is our beacon.


Clan Goals:

The primary goal of the Crimson Horde is to develop a strong and independent clan through donations, taxes, raiding, and personal accomplishments of clan members. We will attempt to strive to be the best of the best in any clan competitions to include wars, raids, and PKs. Other goals of the Crimson Horde include maintaining the integrity of the Horde at cost of personal gain if need be. We will strive to be helpful and informative to all who seek our aid. We will not lend aid to those we call enemy or those who malign the Horde. We will aid all Allied clan members at cost to our own personal gain.


Clan Theme:

The clan theme is based within the realm of fantasy. We have based our ideals from Norse Mythology and the Vikings of old. The ideals taken from these are simply those of pillaging and plundering while hoarding the bounties collected like dragons. Our law is chaotic at best. Power equals law and those with the power make the laws. We live to conquer, we live to pillage, we live to rule, and we live to further the terror and fear that the rest of the known realm has come to regard us with. We are the Crimson Horde. Our theme is our soul.


Clan Stance:

The Crimson Horde stands for strength of the individual to produce a greater strength in groups or numbers. The clan is not adverse to anyone of any particular alignment, race, class, name, or gender. The strength that the clan stands for can be narrowed down into three areas: physical strength, strength of character, and strength of mind. The Crimson Horde has taken these strengths and made committees to exercise them. Physical (Warfare/Tactics), character (Social Involvement), mind (Clan Improvements). Each committee will work to improve upon these three strengths for members and the clan as a whole. Members take full responsibility for their own actions unless the actions were assigned as a task. Members must obey the set Aardwolf rules. Members are generally helpful to characters that do not belong to a clan and give advice where they can. Any other help they offer is completely up to the individual. Members of the Crimson Horde are almost always excited to try something new, but do not stray from their morals. Members honor their promises to the best of their ability and always strive to be at their best.


Clan Deity:

Thor, the Norse god of thunder is the god that the Crimson Horde worships. This clan unlike the vikings of old thinks that all the gods to be one god, but gave certain names to his attributes. The Crimson Horde Choose Thor because a thunder storm is what brought them to the realm of Aardwolf.


Clan History:

During a time and period practically unknown to the inhabitants of Aardwolf there was a wide spread group of people. They were called barbarians by some and named Vikings by others. They were a savage group who’s goal was to raid, plunder, colonize and hoard their treasures. There were a few people that lived in one of the towns colonized by the Vikings who had studied the ways of the Vikings and some of them were perhaps ones themselves. There were many forms of government in the surrounding colonies. These that studied the ways of the Vikings also studies the forms of governments of the surrounding colonies. These people began to meet often and discuss the matters of the time. With time, they began to become more organized and formed a clan which they called the Crimson Horde. They chose the color crimson to be in the name to remind them of the ideals that they had studied from the Vikings, and the word horde because they knew that they would become a large group that would work together. One day, the group or clan that called itself the Crimson Horde decided that they could not coexist with the Vikings or they would be destroyed, so they decided to get a ship and sail away to a new uncharted land where they could build upon themselves. Three among the Crimson Horde were chosen to be leaders. The form of government that governed the Crimson Horde called for each leader to lead a committee for the betterment of its members. Each clan member would have to be in one of these three committees. Soon they got hold of a ship to transport them to their unknown destination. They gathered many supplies to sustain them in their journey, for surely it would be a long one. After they had gathered everything they needed, they set off in the waters of the sea to search. The navigators within the ship knew well how to avoid contact with the Vikings so that was not a problem for them, but time began to wear on them with nothing to show for it but no land in sight. One evening clouds rolled in and a thunder storm followed. The members of the Crimson Horde were not afraid of storms, for they were hardened in their experience. within an hour, the storm began to get more wild, most of the people were below deck. Suddenly a large lightning bolt struck the ship in two, sprawling its inhabitants in the ocean. Soon before they all lost consciousness some of them could vaguely see red mist all about them. When they awoke, they found themselves strewn about the shores of some unknown land to them. They arose as they woke and saw that their numbers were greatly reduced, but yet, they had achieved their goal. There gave the credit to Thor the Norse for delivering them to this great land with a thunder storm. After exploring the land some, they found that it was populated by many strange creatures and people. They found a town which the inhabitants called Midgaard. Soon the Crimson Horde was on its way into developing their clan. They would recruit from the inhabitants of the land that the people named Aardwolf and build a foundation upon which to stand.

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