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As members of the Crimson Horde, we are living representatives of our clan and its traditions. Our conduct determines how our clan is perceived. Internal strife weakens the family that is the Crimson Horde. The Crimson Honor code is our oath to our clan.

I will not allow myself to be drawn into ridiculous or abusive arguments. The Crimson Horde is above this.

I will do my best to avoid losing my temper with my fellow clan members. They are my brothers and sisters.

I will not spread negative propaganda about my fellow clannies to suit my own purposes. The Crimson Horde does not stab its brothers and sisters in the back.

I will not tarnish the reputation of the Crimson Horde with blatantly rude and obnoxious mudding styles.

I will treat my enemies with respect. Win or lose I will conduct myself with dignity that is befitting of the Crimson Horde

I will do my best to contribute in every way to the Clan.

I will build my own personal power for the Clan’s improvement.

I will share with my brothers and sisters all my knowledge and experience.

I will protect my brothers and sisters in every way possible.

My blades serve the Crimson Horde. I swear to all above. Thor be my witness.

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