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Welcome to the Crimson Horde Webpage. We are delighted to have you as our visitor. Please feel free to browse the public Halls Of Valhalla. Authorized members of the Crimson Horde clan want to login to the website to get a untainted look inside the sealed Halls of Valhalla, or to search for the knowledge that is intricately carved into its elaborate stone walls.

The Crimson Horde is the fear that you will not awaken every time you fall asleep.
The Crimson Horde is the reason you do not feel at ease hidden within your maze.

The Crimson Horde is a marauding band of blood thirsty savage norse men and women dedicated to the ideals that power equals law and those with the power rule. Our strength lies within the foundation of our solidarity. Every Horde member would gladly and willingly sacrifice his or her own life to further our glory in the name of Thor. We gladly lay down our lives for our clan members and leaders. The Horde is governed by committees lead by our clan leaders. Each committee is a integral part of the whole. Our warfare committee is our strength, our improvments committee is our brain, and our social committee is our conscience. All three committees form the reality that is the Crimson Horde. To gain entrance into the mighty Horde, you must first prove yourself worthy. To apply for entrance into our folds, we ask that you browse our website, read our petition, read our oath, and to think before you apply. To apply just leave us a note on the personal board with the information we asked for on our homepage. We have warfare, quest, and level requirementsto gain entrance to the clan. These requirements may be waived at the discretion of our leaders. It is a wise applicant who has already looked at each clan that Aardwolf has to offer before applying to any clan.


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